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EVA International Media always seeks new ground-breaking ways to inform our clients and ensure that the latest trends and innovations are widely publicised. We are therefore launching EVA Podcast under the expert guidance of well-known industry leader, Chris Notter.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as they suit our busy lives. The EVA podcast will be the place to gain and share knowledge, empower people to learn from others and understand the individuals behind the world of aviation.

Over the series you will have the opportunity to listen and participate alongside the most influential minds within aviation. Our aim is to produce a high production value, entertaining show, which will give companies the opportunity to promote their products and services to our listeners, get closer to people within the industry and access a premium target market.

There will also be a personal element to it – a podcast that can provide access to the entire aviation industry, and also the opportunity for listeners to feedback content to the podcast producers.

It is going to be entertaining and right at your fingertips, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 


The benefits of podcasting


Promote your brand on the number one aviation podcast by placing an advert alongside the biggest names in the industry or join us as a guest.

The bond created with the host and the guest means listeners expect new episodes every week, and within each of these episodes your advert will be played.

Podcasts are a time-efficient form of communication. Digital marketing is a platform that has an international audience that can listen to the podcast anytime and anywhere.  

The direct audio and video element of a podcast makes for a more exciting way for listeners to learn about your brand, rather than reading it from an e-mail or document.

Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume. Once you subscribe to a show, new episodes are automatically downloaded to your mobile as soon as they are available. 


Advert Types

An ad that gets mentioned at the beginning of a podcast 
An ad that plays in the middle of a podcast 
The last few words of a podcast where the advertiser can slip in a final message 
We can produce the audio ad for you.
We will need a 100 word script about your organisation and the message you want to reach our listeners and viewers.
We will edit your copy with our scriptwriters and compose your advert with voice over artists, a musical score will also be running on top of your advert.
If you would like to place an advert on any of our videos, we will ask for your logo and our 3D artists will create this into a moving image that will play in selected intervals.  

Release dates & marketing

Maximum impact for episode
A week before your episode is released our producer will contact you with an overall guide, from how the show sounds, to what to expect and the best way to gain maximum exposure for your show.
How it works (Audio) 
On the release date EVA international will launch the episode on Android and the iPhone app store. You will be able to download any podcasting application from the Android play store or iTunes store. You can then search and download The EVA podcast and listen to your episode. 
You can also listen to any episode through the EVA website by selecting podcast and then play.
Podcast (video)
A video version of your episode will also be available on YouTube. To view just head over to The EVA podcast on YouTube. 
Maximum Impact 
We will promote your episode on all our social media platforms, and our host Chris Notter will also promote the show on his LinkedIn account. 
Once the episode goes live, we advise you to use your social media accounts to promote the episode too.


Be alerted when the next issue is released!


Chris Notter started as a customs officer and then went into freight forwarding, before entering the airline side of the business and spending almost 29 years with German carrier Lufthansa. Notter has held other senior industry roles including Vice President Cargo Operations at Qatar Airways and he was also previously Vice President Operations. He then moved onto his current role as Chief Ground Handling Officer at Saudi Airlines Cargo after joining the airline in 2014. Chris now currently holds various consultancy roles.