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The EVA Podcast was an enjoyable, relaxed, and rewarding experience for me and a great thing for MySky to have been involved with. Chris Notter was flexible in his approach, easy to converse with, and provided an excellent foundation from which to talk about our company and the issues seen today in the industry. Everyone at MySky wishes Chris and the rest of the EVA International and podcast team the very best for the future and great success. We hope we can speak to you again soon.
Chris Marich
Co-founder, MySky testimonial for The EVA Podcast
It was an honor to be invited to share the BagsID story on the EVA Podcast. Chris Notter has an amazing ability to both inform and entertain, helping to pull out interesting tidbits about how we've built the first A.I. computer-vision baggage identification system for the air travel industry - and all its benefits, too. Thank you for having me, would absolutely do it again!
Marlon van der Meer
Founder & CEO, BagsID Network
The EVA podcast is an excellent resource for all things aviation and a great way to connect experts and leaders in the industry, especially with lockdown measures currently in place. I was delighted to participate as it allowed me to share my passion and knowledge of the business aviation industry in Ethiopia and Africa. Chris Notter was relaxed, interesting, and interested, it made the hour together fly by. Thank you to EVA for having me on the podcast and I’m looking forward to connecting in person! I enjoy listening to the EVA podcast – being relatively new to the industry I’ve found it to be very informational in a relaxed manner.
Dawit Lemma, Founder & CEO, Krimson Aviation
Dawit Lemma
Founder & CEO, Krimson Aviation
The Eva podcast is an interesting and refreshing new way of “meeting” industry notables and hearing what they have to say, and we congratulate you on attaining your first century, not out! The launch of this concept has proven very timely, given the recent restrictions on travel and meetings.

Chris Notter is a wasted talent: he should have been another Michael Parkinson or Graham Norton with his own TV talk show. I enjoyed my own encounter with him, although he may have found frustrating my steadfast refusal to tell him what music gets me up and dancing! (the truth is, I don’t have time for a social life!)

Anyway, well done, and keep up the good work.
Wilson Kwong
Chief Executive, HACTL
“I enjoyed taking part in the interview with Chris Notter for EVA. We discussed the impact of Covid-19 on business aviation in April, when the effects of the pandemic were starting to become clear. It is important that platforms like this let experts speak about their view of the industry so that people understand business aviation better.”
Patrick Hansen
CEO, Lux Aviation
When you asked me to talk to Chris for an hour, I thought we would run out of things to say in a few minutes.

It was a most enjoyable hour, well spent and in fact I think we are doing another one shortly as we had so much to talk about.
Mervyn Walker
Chief Operating Officer, Menzies Aviation
“The content of the podcast combines latest industry updates through the eyes of professionals flavoured with a glimpse of personal experiences has made audiences glued to the screen until the very end. I love the fact that the interactive sharing sessions are providing a platform for aviation leaders to express opinions, set trends and inspire new young blood in the aviation industry. Variety of topics, catchy “book” titles, and a great host with a sense of humour. This is a great avenue for the aviation community to provide invaluable lessons from industry experts and more importantly provide a rare genuine insight into the personalities behind the names, makes it one of the most comprehensive and interesting podcasts in the aviation sector.”
Woo Kam Weng
CEO Pos Aviation Malaysia
Highly professional show. Preparation is the key to its smooth running, and the team dutifully spent enough time to explain what is expected and how best we can use this opportunity of being on the air. This is excellent teamwork. Not only the interview itself but the whole set up is very thorough. Chris is a real master of what he has been doing. His way of discussion is truly inspirational and allows you to bring out all that is required for a continuous and logical presentation. Congratulations on the anniversary and best wishes for the future.
Vladimir Zubkov
Secretary General, TIACA
This represented a chance to discuss rather than present matters. For me this was an important distinction between what occurred here and the otherwise endless freight media reporting of who is doing what. This was more about the why and when than the who and what. As I say, rewarding to take part in because it was active not passive issue addressing.
Glenn Shires
Secretary General, FEDAGSA
“I found the podcast very useful to be able to express what we have achieved and our views on the industry in a very relaxing and comfortable way. Chris has the ability to guide the interview in a way that it feels like you are having a casual chat rather than promoting and explaining the company direction. We have used this in our own media campaigns and had pull through into other contacts that we had not necessarily known of before. In an era of electronic media, it is very easy to find information on individuals and companies and the podcast is another tool to increase the brand awareness throughout the industry”
David O’Connell
Managing Director, dBD COMMUNICATIONS
I've had the opportunity to come on Chris' show on two occasions. It was a great experience both times, Chris has a very engaging style and it was easy to get on with him from the very beginning. The conversation always flows naturally. I really like that he covers a wide spectrum of the industry on the show and invites a broad range of stakeholders. I've been following the show since the beginning and am happy to see that it has grown so rapidly in terms of reach and popularity. Here's to the next 100 episodes!
Arpad Szakal
Aviation & Aerospace Lead, Cellence Plus
“When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Chris & EVA Int’ really make it happen. They supported and coached me, giving the confidence to share my personal & ALS story widely. By engaging with guest speakers and customers and industry commentators a like and bringing our otherwise not so well-known cargo business great results. Salut. “
Walid Khoury
Managing Partner, ALS Logistic Solutions
“I appreciated the organisation of the preparations for the podcast, leading to there being no technical difficulties and a level of comfort about the set-up which resulted in a smooth, conversational event. It was good to be able to provide information for and about airports in this crisis, particularly in those earlier days before industry and government were providing detailed guidance”.
Angela Gittens
Director General, ACI
Just a short note to say it is extremely important what you are doing with the Podcasts hosted by Chris, as only through the sharing of industry experience and knowledge, can we start to see some resolution to the unprecedented crisis before us.

  Shared insights, ideas, and experiences in a multi-disciplinary way is our only chance for a speedier recovery, and air logistics is critical now more than ever. Often neglected by airline and airport CEOs, the life- saving and economic impact that air cargo has is highlighted more than ever, and please keep up the good work in bringing that fact to the broader audience only people such as yourself can bring. Count on me for any support or help, keep up the good work.  
Stan Wraight
President and CEO, Strategic Aviation Solutions Int'l (SASI)
It was great to talk with Chris Notter. He‘s a wonderful host, an industry expert, well prepared and has this special British humour that we all like. I enjoyed my hour with him very much.
Dr. Michael Kerkloh,
Former CEO, Flughafen München GmbH
The “Eva Podcast” and the team working on the show are continually delivered great materials by balancing an entertaining dialogue (informal) with getting a very useful and deep insight of the aviation industry challenges and future trends. As an aviation expert and professional with more than 15 yrs. Of experience, I rarely find it very useful and enriching.)
Dr. Hussain F.Alhallaf
Security Director, Riyadh Airports
The EVA podcast shares a wealth of knowledge and industry insights, speaking to an array of professionals in the aviation industry. I enjoy listening to the podcast and it was a pleasure to sit down with Chris Notter in April myself to record an episode. We had an insightful discussion about the state of the industry and the impact that coronavirus has had on aviation. The EVA podcast is a great platform to have such a conversation and I was glad to be able to share the point of view of the members of both ACA & ASA on it.
Fabio Gamba
Managing Director at Airline Catering Association (ACA) & Airport Services Association (ASA)
Chris’s enthusiasm for the industry is clear, and this series of podcasts provides the perfect setting for getting into a topic in an informal way. I greatly enjoyed discussing the slot impacts the cargo sector experiences across its network
Laura Maughan
Head Worldwide Airport Slots, IATA
An interesting, well needed new experience for the cargo industry. Well done EVA Int. and Chris Notter! Looking forward to the next series.
Ruedi Steiner
Head of Cargo EMEA, Swissport International
This initiative has been incredibly worthwhile for everyone across the industry as well as for me personally, allowing me to share some of my thoughts on pending industry matters and the direction of Hermes. With Chris’ professionalism and ability to create a relaxed and knowledgeable environment, every Podcast has provided something to the listener. My 45 minutes with Chris was energising and thoroughly enjoyable – his wit, humour and knowledge of the air cargo world provide a great format to express thoughts & ideas. I look forward to listening to further Podcasts from the wide range of contributors and thank Parveen and her team for their professional setup.
Yuval Baruch
CEO – Hermes Logistics Technologies Ltd
“It was a pleasure to collaborate with the EVA team— Chris and team have led a great initiative to encourage open discussions on such relevant and impactful topics. I appreciate that the narrative is led by facts which provides for a strong basis of dialogue. Looking forward to continuing the conversation!”
Leona Qi
President, Vistajet
“It was an absolute pleasure to spend 45 minutes talking with Chris Notter as part of the EVA Podcast, he certainly knows how to get the most out of his guests! I hope our shared passion for aviation was clear and we both managed to share our positive messages regarding the vital role that Business Aviation plays in the global economy. I would encourage everyone to get engaged with these podcasts and to take these few minutes to remind ourselves of the privilege it is to be part of the Aviation community and listen to fellow professionals from across the industry.”
Graham Williamson
President of ACASS Ireland
Chris Notter executes the EVA Podcast process with amazing industry value. The experience has been engaging, easy, professional, and friendly – but most of all we had a crazy amount of fun. They ask the right questions every time with a complete understanding of the space they are in. They have succeeded in creating a platform of credibility, accomplished by a team that loves what they do.
Nicholas Guida
Founder, and CEO of Tamarack Aerospace Group
It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Chris, and I very much enjoyed our podcast conversation. His thoughtful and engaging questions enables listeners to easily see why our “voice of the customer” market research is essential for aviation businesses to stay ahead of competition in quickly evolving market environments. Hats-off to Chris and the Eva International team for creating such an informative, yet easy to consume, media platform that allows the global aviation community to hear directly from thought leaders by going beyond headlines and soundbites. If you have the opportunity to be on with Chris, I highly recommend it.
Charles Porteous
President Seefeld Group
“It has always been a pleasure to be a part of Eva International. I really admire their Professionalism which is fed by their amateur soul, passion and Aviation Love. Being a part of the EVA Podcast was also one of these EVA soul events. I enjoyed a lot, and I hope you do so. I am looking forward to seeing new events.
Murat Demirbilek
VP Ground Operations, Pegasus Airlines
“Thank you Eva & Chris for the invitation, my first Podcast and you made it enjoyable it’s a great way to discuss the industry in a relaxed environment. Apart from walking down memory lane and the inspirations for joining this great industry, we discussed digitalisation and a paperless society which are key factors in efficiency & Sustainability, the time flew by. This is a great way to highlight and discuss what we need to do as an industry in going forward.
Lesley Cripps
Sales Director, CargoFlash InfoTech
“Chris Notter and the EVA podcast is something extraordinary bringing aviation people together by listening to their stories and messages. I will definitely participate if I am asked again and the way Chris is running the podcast makes you feel at ease “
Stavros Evangelakakis
Global Product Manager, Cargolux
“The podcast offered me an opportunity to share some of my thoughts and views on aviation issues and especially on issues that matter a lot to the aviation professionals today. Chris has a pleasant, kind, and clever way of addressing issues that benefit the aviation audience. A big thank you to Chris and the Eva Team. To the next 100 milestone.”
Vangelis Demosthenous
Managing Director, Kratis Consulting
“I did enjoy the experience of the Podcast with Chris. It was good to focus on personal values and experiences, which are so influential on the way we approach our work”
Stewart Angus
Divisional Senior Vice President, International Airport Operations, dnata
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in The Eva Podcast. I enjoyed sharing the updates about our airport, how COVID-19 is effecting our air cargo activity, as well as talking about the economic impact to our aviation industry. I think it is mission-critical to hear the perspectives from all our colleagues, sharing our experiences so we can learn from each other. This is an incredible industry filled with people passionate about aviation; what a fun way to express our views with Chris and The Eva Podcast!
Trudy Wassel
Deputy Airport Manager, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Frankly speaking, when Parveen first told me about the episode I hesitated and said what shall I say and my mind Is full of worries about what will be going on with all airports shutdown and no flights and no income; but, then decided to go through and “Que sera sera”.

The friendliness introduction and the simpleness of Both Salam and Chris made me relaxed and at ease.

The whole podcast is a great Idea that gave a face to face interview to their guests to tell their experience and how they will face the new pandemic threat with its immediate or future consequences.

I was really thrilled when Chris started his questions especially coming to the sensitive moment about how affected we are and what will we do with our Team Members. Which I was quite happy to reveal and say ASE will NOT fire any of its Team Members on the contrary ASE Coaches will always be with their Team.

After ending the interview and unintentionally showing our face Shield and mask showing how All our Team members will be wearing them as soon as operation’s resume and the quick and on the spot decision taken to interview me again while wearing the PPE’s our Team will be wearing for their own Safety and Protection first and for their guests and airline partners.

Finally, I would say please keep the podcast do not change it, it is a more realistic face to face and on the air interview or a sort of thinking in a loud voice what to do for the best interest of all members of the team.

Thanking you again and looking forward to welcoming you with a new event in EGYPT.
Mohamed Hanno
Executive Chairman & CEO, ASE Group
Chris has a unique ability to tease comments and stories out of his industry friends and colleagues that others would not be able to shake loose! He has a very easy going and friendly interviewing style and podcasts genuinely feel like you are listening into a private conversation. A great mix of amusing anecdotes, gentle teasing and meaningful industry discussion and debate across many on trend subjects. A great way to communicate to the industry and for the participants, (mostly) thoroughly enjoyable!
Robert Fordree
Executive Vice President, Menzies Aviation
Business insights is all about going beyond the headline. It’s about connecting, listening and hearing from executives and leaders who experience the today and share their knowledge. That is exactly what EVA Podcast does. Joining Chris, Salam and the team is always a highlight that spurs conversation into the depth of what makes this industry tick. As a listener I am drawn to the 100 of experts that feature week to week and never cease to learn. Congrats on the 100 episodes team!
Darryl Judd
Managing Director, Corporate Advisory and M&A at Logistics Executive Group
“Congratulations to Eva Podcast and YouTube for launching this channel and achieving the 100th Podcast in such a short time. This is a great initiative that the cargo industry really needed in order to modernise and get a running commentary of the market and the industry affairs. This allows the folks in the industry to listen to the various views of the experts and catalyse their own thinking process. This is so vital for our industry to evolve and define the future by focusing on new opportunities in trade and commerce. I feel honoured to have been invited to participate and found it to be a very positive and enjoyable experience. Chris Notter is a great host who makes the discussion seem very informal whilst bringing out the learnings of the past for the awareness of the present as it charts out the shape of the future. Well done, Eva Team, you are definitely providing the industry with a great tool to better understand the changes taking place and to create a new norm.”
Ram Menen
Ex DSVP, Emirates – SkyCargo
A morning I thoroughly enjoyed with Chris and the team as always. Their professionalism mixed with the enjoyment and charisma that Chris always beholds make for the best way to work. I loved doing my podcast with them and cannot wait for the next one!
Nadia Dunn
Like always it is a pleasure to talk to my good friend Chris Notter, who is a great facilitator with the right sense of humour. Chris has the great ability to make people feel at ease and at the same time lead a meaningful & insightful discussion.

I think the EVA Podcast was a welcome diversion during the lock down.

Keep the good work up!
Sebastiaan Scholte
Former CEO Jan de Rijk Logistics
A quick thanks to Parveen and the team for many Podcast’s that they produced. I saw almost everyone and learnt things I did not know about them and their business despite knowing them for years.

Chris Notter, the host, was a star-probing, controversial at times but always charming. I would definitely nominate him to host the Eurovision Song Contest next.
Rickie Sehgal
Chairman, Transputec Ltd
I thoroughly enjoyed my interview experience with Chris Notter. By the time the podcast was over, I felt as if I had spent the last forty-five minutes in a pub discussing aviation issues and current affairs with a friend over a pint. Show producer Salam Raja did a great job of talking to me before the show and ensuring the technical side of the show was low-key and transparent. My hat’s off to Chris, Salam, and the entire EVA Media team!
David Hook
President and Founder, Planehook and of Droneport
It was a pleasure to be on the EVA podcast. The EVA team asked some really good questions on the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. The EVA podcast is a great resource to hear from industry leaders on where our industry is going.
Jim Szczesniak
Airport Director, Ted Stevens Anchorage International
One of the most enjoyable and relaxing interviews I have ever done.
Jeff Walsh
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Global Ground Support
Within minutes I knew this was going to be just a meaningful conversation between two colleagues. Chris’ ability to ask meaningful questions in a conversational way versus an “interview” made it so easy. He’s shining light on the things we need to be talking about across the industry and that’s an important role and one we very much need. He’s a total pro.
Jessica Tyler
President of Cargo & VP of Airport Excellence, American Airlines
It was a pleasure to participate in your podcast and congratulations on the range and depth of subjects covered during the series. This makes for a very nice and comprehensive overview and views on our industry in all its facets, bandwidth and subjects. Please continue the good work.
Gerold Tumulka
CEO Middle East (Swissport)
I really enjoyed my chat with Chris and was so thrilled to share news of JetClub’s venture into Europe, how we anticipate travel will evolve in Covid times and thereafter. Chris has the marvellous skill to make his interviewees feel completely at ease, with his inclusive and engaging style. The whole EVA team was very supportive and professional. I am so pleased to have had this opportunity to showcase JetClub to a new audience and look forward to tuning in to many more.
Alessandra Testa
Alessandra Testa
Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sales
“The Eva Podcast presents an opportunity for aviation professionals to share both their professional and personal lives to an audience that may not know much about us. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the podcast. Everyone involved in the production made the process seamless and enjoyable. Chris Notter’s charm, and his way with words, will always be remembered. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Marva Richards
Operations Manager, Airport Services Antigua
What a wonderful initiative Parveen, Salam & Eva International, to launch your series of Podcasts with past and present industry personalities and leaders. Chris Notter (other than being a good friend) was an excellent choice of host and I had huge fun exchanging and sharing my experiences both personal and professional with him even if some were embarrassing. I continue to enjoy listening and watching your guests that include many colleagues and close friends and being entertained, so thank you and very well done.
Desmond Vertannes
Chairman of the board, e-CARGOWARE Ltd
"Podcasts have become such an important communications medium this year and The EVA Podcast is one that really delves deep into aviation, and into the people and passions behind it. It was a real pleasure to be part of it." 
Adam Twidell
CEO, PrivateFly
The setup and the spirit of the podcast is about much more than sharing knowhow, knowledge, and experience. That is all there, plenty, most definitely on Chris' side. But the podcast is about catching up on it, with weird glasses in Munich or from home during lockdown, as if having a talk at the bar during some conference. I truly enjoy, as a speaker or listening in, and look forward to many more to come.
Steven Verhasselt
VP Commercial, Liege Airport
“Join me on a Podcast”, he said.  Now, for anyone that knows Chris, they will know that he is partial to the odd bit of jocularity.  Knowing this ‘fondness’ of his for pulling my leg, I thought “what on earth could Chris and I possibly talk about to fill a 45min episode and who on earth will listen to it”.

Well, I’m pleased to say, fourteen episodes later (yes, that is episodes, not takes!) we are still finding topical discussions to fill 45mins and more (we were ably helped by the arrival of coronavirus that provided the strongest of topics on even the driest of news days!).   To the EVA team, I would like to say an enormous thank you for creating “The EVA Podcast” and for inviting me to be a part of it.  I hope our listeners continue to value the contributions of the mixed bag of guests, talking points and factoids – all injected with Chris’ humour.

Well done Parveen, Salam, Chris, and the team at EVA.  Here’s to the next century!
Steven Dickson
Managing Partner, Skylight Aviation
“I had a great time with our gracious host Chris Notter, and my partner-panelist and friend Steven Verhasselt of Liege Airport.  Thanks Eva Podcast for giving us the platform to talk about our passion – building efficient and connected airports to connect our people to a global marketplace.”
Elliott Paige
M.Econ, IAP. Director, Air Service Development, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
“Recently I had the privilege of joining Host Chris Notter, where he afforded me an opportunity to discuss the many challenges facing the aviation industry and the difficulties facing airlines around the globe. Having given many interviews over the years I was duly impressed with the thoughtful, incisive, and knowledge-based questions. More importantly, my 45 minutes flew by, perhaps in part because Chris has a certain style which made our time together more like a friendly chat than a formal interview. The result allowed me to delve into a long list of topics and indeed story telling which is not often the case in more traditional interviews. Chris and his team have put together a wide range of industry interviews and I was honored to find myself as the 100th in its series covering the “Cast of Industry Stars “. I would encourage all with a keen interest in aviation to join the EVA Podcast “
David A. Banmiller
President, The Falcon Group, Inc. And Author-Turbulence
I enjoyed joining the EVA Podcast as a guest. Chris was very welcoming and a great host, it was a pleasure to be a part of something new and exciting within the industry.
Atilla Korkmazoğlu
President Ground Handling & Cargo (EMEA), Çelebi Aviation Holding
“The EVA podcast has a unique concept and features a great presenter and always curious industry experts! Especially the thinking outside the box characterises the podcast format.”
Max Philipp Conrady
Senior Vice President Cargo, Frankfurt am Main
I can’t thank you enough for inviting me onto your podcast series with Chris Notter. It’s great to have a chance to speak about my opinions on how current events are affecting our industry which have a lot of issues shared by other transportation sectors and business in general. I enjoyed the back and forth with Chris, who was very engaging. We were 45 minutes into the interview, and I felt like we had just started. Your team made it very seamless and got my attention right from the introductory call with Salam Raja.

I hope I get another opportunity to be back and speak when this surreal environment changes back to a more normal life.

Congratulations on your first 100 of these podcasts.
Steve Varsano
CEO and Founder, The Jet Business
I am not sure if this would be a testimonial you would like to use but, initially this tensing up, even frightening experience turned out to be an experience in which I discovered an extrovert part of me I did not know still existed and a chat with a colleague I enjoyed.

I wish it continues to be a success.
S. Mete Erna
Asst. GM Sales and Marketing, Havas Ground Handling
The podcast was a good idea and Chris is an amazing man! Talking to him gets you in a good mood I think it was a bright thing to do during these difficult times during COVID-19.
Danny Vranckx
CEO, Aviaco
“The interview was a fantastic experience: a discussion with deep insights, unexpected questions and great sounding between Chris and myself.”
Dr. Marc Wagener
Managing Director, LabCampus
“Amazing – thank you so much! Once again, appreciate the opportunity – had a great time”
Jan Krems
President Cargo, United Cargo
Being on the show with Chris and Salam was a great experience for both myself and PAH. Chris’ interview style is warm, engaging and supportive to the needs of the interviewee. I look forward to coming back onto Eva Podcast again as we evolve at PAH”
Neil Lott
CEO, Pacific Atlantic Handling
The EVA podcast is an insightful and engaging platform discussing relevant and topical issues currently faced by the aviation industry. Such a platform is of great relevance and value particularly today, as the industry faces some (if) of its biggest challenges presented by the global pandemic. I had the pleasure of discussing the concept of professional aircraft charter broker training and the value of broker regulation and licensing in what remains an unregulated sector of the aviation industry. Chris was a great host, allowing us to explore the topic in-depth with some great discussion points and all done with a sprinkle of Chris’s unique humour and charisma. An extremely enjoyable podcast and a great resource for any aviation professional.
Lewis King
Director, Albion Aviation
“To join Chris for my first ever podcast was a huge privilege and was enjoyable. I found the opportunity to express my beliefs and experiences around GSE maintenance to be rewarding and hope that listeners got something out of it. Another great aspect of the podcast was being able to reflect on my personal and professional experiences which have helped me become who I am today. I have had some amazing opportunities to work with some of the great leaders within the industry and this was a way to thank them for what they have helped me achieve. EVA and Chris have developed an innovative and exciting platform to keep all aspects of the industry informed. It is great to see EVA podcasts develop and host such an amazing range of Industry experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experience and to enlighten us in areas we may not clearly understand.”
Peter Martin
"It was a great pleasure to speak with Chris. Chris' podcast presents the perfect way to share knowledge and experiences with the air cargo community - to advance the industry. Here is to the next 100 episodes and many more insightful conversations."
Moritz Claussen
Founder & Managing Director, Cargo.one
"If it’s not a rule, it should be. Podcasts are completely dependent on the host. A successful podcast host is genuinely curious, informed about the topic at hand and a listener who can hone in on interesting statements made by his guest. I believe these are the reasons why Chris Notter has created a successful podcast series. He knows his stuff and also realizes he doesn’t know it all. (Who enjoys listening to a know-it-all? Nobody.) Chris conducts a genuine conversation with his guests and listeners come away with new and interesting information. I enjoyed my time with Chris and the EVA podcast staff and hope that I will be invited back to continue the discussion!"
Michael Taylor
Practice Lead for Travel in Global Business Intelligence Division, J.D.Power