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S1:E197 | 25th February 2021

TURBULENCE with Mr. David A Banmiller, Retired Airline Executive and Author (Chapter 4)

David Banmiller – Author of Turbulence
Our 5th session covering Chapter 4 — ‘Inside the Corporate Office’

So many key positions – and all deserve mutual respect as the combined efforts make a business successful or not.
• All disciplines are interconnected & how corporate culture has changed over the years
• How the Machine works :
o YESTERDAY — Finance
o TODAY – FLT.OPS / Engineering / Maintenance / Ground Ops / HR / Admin
o TOMORROW – IT / Marketing
• Sometimes Personal Dynamics & sometimes drama
• Between these divisions, can make or break a company.
• Importance of Executive Assistance — Ann Tang – Incredible lady!
• How important is marketing?
• The demise of the travel agent — Commissions / over-rides
• Thom Nulty & Mike Gunn — Unique breeds.
• Changes in focus through the 50’s / 60’s / 70’s some sensitive adverts — from Mary Wells / inspiration for Peggy from Mad Men to Emilio Pucci and trendy uniforms
• Frequent flyer programs and incredible value of the programs these days
• A look back at the Peter Sellers ads as well as a clever example from Virgin – featuring a ref to Winston Churchill
Nice close — in regard to people skills — a quote from David ;-
“I did not want to be the smartest person in the room — just the one passing the baton & leading the orchestra of talent”

Music used: Distant Lands – Hanu Dixit.mp3



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Chris Notter started his career with H.M.Customs & Excise before moving into Freight Forwarding. He then entered the Airline side of the business, spending 29 years with German Carrier Lufthansa. Chris always references Lufthansa as being “the best possible training platform that anyone could have been given in their early career years.” Since leaving Lufthansa, Chris has held senior leading industry roles including -Head of Cargo with Etihad, both VP of Operations at the HUB and VP of Network with Qatar Airways. More recently and during some 5 years with Saudi Cargo, he has held the position of VP Network Operations as well as Chief Ground Handling Officer. Since early 2019, Chris has once again returned to Consultancy as well as hosting the EVA Podcast series.