Steven Dickson​

“Join me on a Podcast”, he said.  Now, for anyone that knows Chris, they will know that he is partial to the odd bit of jocularity.  Knowing this ‘fondness’ of his for pulling my leg, I thought “what on earth could Chris and I possibly talk about to fill a 45min episode and who on earth will listen to it”.<br /><br />
Well, I’m pleased to say, fourteen episodes later (yes, that is episodes, not takes!) we are still finding topical discussions to fill 45mins and more (we were ably helped by the arrival of coronavirus that provided the strongest of topics on even the driest of news days!).   To the EVA team, I would like to say an enormous thank you for creating “The EVA Podcast” and for inviting me to be a part of it.  I hope our listeners continue to value the contributions of the mixed bag of guests, talking points and factoids – all injected with Chris’ humour.<br /><br />
Well done Parveen, Salam, Chris, and the team at EVA.  Here’s to the next century!

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