Ram Menen​

“Congratulations to Eva Podcast and YouTube for launching this channel and achieving the 100th Podcast in such a short time. This is a great initiative that the cargo industry really needed in order to modernise and get a running commentary of the market and the industry affairs. This allows the folks in the industry to listen to the various views of the experts and catalyse their own thinking process. This is so vital for our industry to evolve and define the future by focusing on new opportunities in trade and commerce. I feel honoured to have been invited to participate and found it to be a very positive and enjoyable experience. Chris Notter is a great host who makes the discussion seem very informal whilst bringing out the learnings of the past for the awareness of the present as it charts out the shape of the future. Well done, Eva Team, you are definitely providing the industry with a great tool to better understand the changes taking place and to create a new norm.”

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