Mohamed Hanno

Frankly speaking, when Parveen first told me about the episode I hesitated and said what shall I say and my mind Is full of worries about what will be going on with all airports shutdown and no flights and no income; but, then decided to go through and “Que sera sera”.<br /><br />
The friendliness introduction and the simpleness of Both Salam and Chris made me relaxed and at ease.<br /><br />
The whole podcast is a great Idea that gave a face to face interview to their guests to tell their experience and how they will face the new pandemic threat with its immediate or future consequences.<br /><br />
I was really thrilled when Chris started his questions especially coming to the sensitive moment about how affected we are and what will we do with our Team Members. Which I was quite happy to reveal and say ASE will NOT fire any of its Team Members on the contrary ASE Coaches will always be with their Team. <br /><br />
After ending the interview and unintentionally showing our face Shield and mask showing how All our Team members will be wearing them as soon as operation’s resume and the quick and on the spot decision taken to interview me again while wearing the PPE’s our Team will be wearing for their own Safety and Protection first and for their guests and airline partners.<br /><br />
Finally, I would say please keep the podcast do not change it, it is a more realistic face to face and on the air interview or a sort of thinking in a loud voice what to do for the best interest of all members of the team. <br /><br />
Thanking you again and looking forward to welcoming you with a new event in EGYPT.

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