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S1:E153 | 11th October 2020

The Weekend Show with Chris Notter and Steven Dickson (part 26)

AWOL – My Co host has gone missing, no reply, no contact – the Mystery begins!

We have changed the name to ‘The Weekend Show’ as it is likely to take place on a Saturday or Sunday – Thank you, James!

Batman without Robin – Only 1 Ronnie – Oliver without Hardy and Piers Morgan was busy having his breakfast – but the show must go on, so a quick reference to our sessions this week with 4 of the crew from One More Orbit who broke the World record to circumnavigate the globe flying over both poles. The new record as recognised by Guinness Book of Records now stands at 46 hours, 39 minutes, 38 seconds. Well done to the ORBIT 8 – A modern day take on the Magnificent 7.

Also briefly mentioned, WFS and their Project Coldstream led by taskforce leader Mike Duffy preparing for Vaccine handling in their CEIV – GDP accredited facilities – AMD, BCN, BRU, CPT, CPH, FRA, JNB, LHR, MAD, MIA, JFK and their CDG facility.

Brussels Airport also has their taskforce BRUcare along with 30,000 SQ.M of temp controlled facilities. BRUcloud – its digital data-sharing platform will support the tracking and trace of the products in real time and their BRUcure team is mapping out all scenarios for the various types of vaccines and distribution expectation of pharmaceutical companies.

Tough next 5-7 months as underlined by EasyJet reported expected losses of GBP 850 million – a huge swing from last year’s profits of GBP 528 million. Plus, Stelios slams EasyJet ‘scoundrels’ over Airbus plane deal.

Cathay and United to trial digital health passports. Many initiatives now being looked at and something MUST be done to get Aviation back on its feet or at least jogging along. 1 in 23 million only is the IATA statistic for known infections whilst on an aircraft. With only 7 European countries not having to quarantine for 14 days, something must be done combining scientific guidelines and technology.

Big shout out to an old friend of the podcasts – Mete Erna – who has been appointed General Manager of Havas.

Lastly – a sad farewell to the last 2 747’s – G-CIVB and G-CIVY as they departed LHR — An incredible aircraft and amazing memories for all those lucky enough to travel on any of them operating globally..

Until next week — The missing person files continue!!

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Chris Notter started his career with H.M.Customs & Excise before moving into Freight Forwarding. He then entered the Airline side of the business, spending 29 years with German Carrier Lufthansa. Chris always references Lufthansa as being “the best possible training platform that anyone could have been given in their early career years.” Since leaving Lufthansa, Chris has held senior leading industry roles including -Head of Cargo with Etihad, both VP of Operations at the HUB and VP of Network with Qatar Airways. More recently and during some 5 years with Saudi Cargo, he has held the position of VP Network Operations as well as Chief Ground Handling Officer. Since early 2019, Chris has once again returned to Consultancy as well as hosting the EVA Podcast series.