Episode 2: ACHL 2023 Athens – with Kristin Beck

ACHL 2023 Athens

Next Generation speaks! A very well-presented panel was put together from volunteers who wanted to support Abedin Dula after his proposal during the same conference in 2022.


The what and why things need changing was addressed and there was a welcome injection of reality in as much as speaking about the same subject matters and problems is also starting to get old and tiresome. If people see something wrong or not working as it could, now is the time to spend that valuable asset on positive outcomes and solutions.


That is where the young team now sits – a year ahead before the next conference and a challenge of finding, and presenting positive outcomes and solutions along with not just validating effort and action but verifying the impact on the core business and the employee groups that need a new energy and focus on this wonderful industry of ours.


We have a taster of how the panel came about and what they are now committed to doing. Join us as the introduction and base storyline have been set.

We have 6 sessions, an intro and a wrap-up from Abedin along with an individual introduction to the 4 key members of the panel.


Early in the New Year, we will be re-visiting the group and will announce how others can join them and support the targets and milestones being set.

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