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Airline Ground Services Digital Summit (01 of 04)

01 of 04 | 04th November 2020

Nikki Ozols- Head of Safety and Compliance at Volare Aviation

Thomas Konietzko – Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing – Celebi Aviation Holding

The AGS Digital Summit podcast will provide our listeners with an insight into how the COVID-19 crisis has affected the industry, with comparisons between private and commercial aviation.

What are we expecting to see from the representative bodies and regulators to make a difference to our industry in the coming months?

With the current governmental restrictions, what are industry leading experts doing to adapt to current industry challenges.

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Chris Notter started his career with H.M.Customs & Excise before moving into Freight Forwarding. He then entered the Airline side of the business, spending 29 years with German Carrier Lufthansa. Chris always references Lufthansa as being “the best possible training platform that anyone could have been given in their early career years.” Since leaving Lufthansa, Chris has held senior leading industry roles including -Head of Cargo with Etihad, both VP of Operations at the HUB and VP of Network with Qatar Airways. More recently and during some 5 years with Saudi Cargo, he has held the position of VP Network Operations as well as Chief Ground Handling Officer. Since early 2019, Chris has once again returned to Consultancy as well as hosting the EVA Podcast series.